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skinny fashionista.

skinny fashionista.

the love is in me.

Warrior of love and peace. Erykah Badu is my spiritual mother. Grace Jones is my idol. Lover of fashion.

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little critter(s)

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Everything is piling up.

And I feel like I’m gonna breakdown but I’m trying so hard to be strong and not go back to the days where I would drink all day just to drown the pain.

What do I do?


I feel ignored and it hurts so bad.

I didn’t know I was signing up for this.

trunks4president said:Cool blog

Thank you.


I wish I would have kept you.

You would have been beautiful.


Strong feeling of neglect.

culturedalien said:I won't act like I know you other than you're style is next level and you make me drool on myself. Whatever issues you have with life are better to be confronted. For me completing small goals like fitness and reading give me that sense of accomplishment. Reorganizing your living space can also clear out your mental space. Hope this helps

Thank you so much for this. You are appreciated.

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